The Home San Francesco was born from the need to support the activities and purposes of the Gioia e Speranza Onlus Association which has been operating in Naples since 2009 at the Franciscan Convent of S. Caterina in Chiaia.
In particular, there are two activities that, through Home San Francesco, are supported:
1. Reception in Naples
The Gioia e Speranza Onlus Association offers free direct and indirect hospitality to children affected by oncological pathology, their parents and / or carers with disadvantaged economic conditions and who, due to the treatment, arrive in Naples from other cities and nations without financial means. sufficient to cover the expenses to be incurred for accommodation.
In addition to the welcome, guests are offered all the necessary support that, finding themselves living far from their home and city, they need.
2. "Alegria y Esperanza" Pediatric Hospital in Peru
Another purpose of the Gioia e Speranza Onlus Association is to support and maintain a Pediatric Hospital which, thanks to the active collaboration of the Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular, doctors, volunteers and benefactors has already built and is functioning in the city of Huamachuco, in about 3,200 meters high in the north of Peru, where about 300,000 people live, many of them in precarious conditions and without sufficient financial means to access medical care.
The proceeds from the San Francesco Home are therefore entirely used to support the costs of free accommodation in Naples and for the maintenance of the hospital built in Peru.

Our thanks to those who choose to stay in Naples at the Home San Francesco, also in the name of all the people we are able to assist in different ways.