Joy and Hope Association


The Gioia e Speranza Onlus Association operates in Naples, at the Franciscan church of S. Caterina in Chiaia, and is aimed at supporting the free, direct and indirect hospitality of children affected by oncological pathology, their parents and / or carers of poor economic conditions and that due to the treatments come to Naples from other cities and nations.

Thanks to the active collaboration of the Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular, doctors, volunteers and benefactors, a pediatric hospital has already been built in the city of Huamachuco in the La Libertad region (Peru) where about 300,000 people live, many of them in precarious conditions and without sufficient financial means to access medical care.

The Home San Francesco

Home San Francesco was born from the need to support and economically maintain the "Alegria y Esperanza" Polyclinic already built in the city of Huamachuco (Peru).Thanks to the voluntary work of Neapolitan doctors, it is possible to help many children and adults who need medical assistance and care and who do not have the financial means to meet the costs.To the work of the doctors is also added that of the Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular and of many Volunteers and supporters.The work done for this hospital is free and voluntary.The proceeds deriving from the Home San Francesco are used entirely for the maintenance of the hospital in Peru, with the purchase of machinery, medicines, medical and sanitary material, useful for its operation.